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Revised & Updated I-CANyons Student Reports

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Report Cards will be coming home on November 19 for our Mustangs.  Please take a few minutes to watch the district report card video and review the new information on the district website to help you understand the changes on our report card.


November 14 is a working report card day for our teachers.  There will be no school for students on that day as they prepare report cards.

November is Service Month

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During November our East Sandy Mustangs will be collecting and participating in various community service projects.  We have many to choose from and do not expect you to support all of them.  Just look over the options and support where you can. 

Service Month

Red Ribbon Week

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Did you know?

The purpose of Red Ribbon Week is to present a visible commitment to a safe, healthy and drug-free lifestyle. 

Red Ribbon Week began in 1988 in honor of DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) Agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, who was kidnapped and killed in Mexico in February of 1985. Agent Camarena, then 37, had uncovered a multi-billion dollar drug scam in which he suspected officers of the Mexican Army, police forces and government.

It is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country.

Oct. 27-31 is Red Ribbon Week

Monday: "Turn Your Back On Drugs" - Backwards Day
Tuesday: "Follow Your Dreams - Don't Do Drugs" Pajama Day
Wednesday: "Score Big & Don't Do Drugs" - Favorite Sports Team Apparel
Thursday: "Taking Drugs Is Just Plain CRAZY" - CRAZY Hair/Hat Day
Friday: "Taking Drugs Is SCARY!" - Halloween Costume

Halloween Activities 2014

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On Friday, October 31 we will be having our annual Halloween Parade and class activities.  Our parade is scheduled to start at 9 am with the hope that the students will make their way outside onto the playground around 9:15 am.  We invite all our parents and family members to join us out on the playground for the parade.  Our students will exit the building by the kindergarten doors and circle the blacktop.  Please bring your chairs or blankets and enjoy the show.  If we have inclement weather, we will set up chairs for our parents inside the gym/cafeteria. 

A few reminders regarding costumes and dress code:

  • No Masks will be allowed on the face.  Students may bring their mask and place it on top of their head if they choose.  Face painting is appropriate.  (Remember one of the purposes of this parade is to SEE our students.  If they have a mask or hood on that covers their face, we are unable to recognize the student.)
  • No weapons, replica or facsimileof weapons should come to school as part of the costume.
  • Costumes need to be dress code appropriate.

We would also like to thank our PTA and Room Representatives for providing treats and activities for the afternoon class celebrations.