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Halloween Activities

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On Monday, October 31 we will be having our annual Halloween Parade and class activities.  Our parade is scheduled to start at 8:45 am with the hope that the students will make their way outside onto the playground around 9 am.  We invite all our parents and family members to join us out on the playground for the parade.  Our students will exit the building by the kindergarten doors and circle the blacktop.  Please bring your chairs or blankets and enjoy the show.  If we have inclement weather, we will set up chairs for our parents inside the gym/cafeteria. 

A few reminders regarding costumes and dress code:

  • No Masks will be allowed on the face.  Students may bring their mask and place it on top of their head if they choose.  Face painting is appropriate.  (Remember one of the purposes of this parade is to SEE our students.  If they have a mask or hood on that covers their face, we are unable to recognize the student.)
  • No weapons, replica or facsimile of weapons should come to school as part of the costume.

We would also like to thank our PTA and Room Representatives for providing treats and activities for the afternoon class celebrations. 


No-Fuss Fundraiser

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Today kicks off our annual No-Fuss Fundraiser.  During October 5-19 weare asking each mustang to raise/earn $35.  Our goal is to raise $15,000!  Wow!!   All proceeds come back to the school and our students.  

Why do we need a fundraiser?  This is a combined school and PTA fundraiser.  PTA is requesting $9,500 to continue to support the school acitivities and programs.  East Sandy is asking for $5,500 to purchase additional technology devices for our Engineering Brain Booster and to add some additional devices (IPADs/ Chromebooks) for our classrooms.  

We appreciate your support in helping us reach our goal. 

CSD Announces Dates, Times of SALTA Testing

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CSD Announces Dates, Times of SALTA Testing
Parents whose children exhibit significantly higher cognitive and academic ability are encouraged to have their kids tested for SALTA, Canyons District’s magnet program for advanced learners.

All K-7 students are eligible for testing and can sign up online starting on October 1, 2016. The testing window closes on October 31. 

This year students applying to participate in SALTA can test at their neighborhood school during two separate days. The “day one” test will take about two hours and the “day two” test will take about three hours. Test dates and times vary from school to school. Parents will be given the opportunity to select best dates and times for their schedule through the application process. 

Parents and guardians will receive notice of their child's test results in early January 2017. The letter will say whether or not the child meets enrollment criteria for SALTA for the 2017-18 school year. Parents who decline enrollment are encouraged to share the test results with their school principal and their teachers as the information will help guide their instruction.

No late applications will be accepted. 

Third-grade students who are currently enrolled in the program must be tested for continued eligibility.

Parents may want to consider testing their child for entry into SALTA if their child has an advanced vocabulary, asks many questions, has lots of ideas and is imaginative, or is a strong reader, among other things.