8295 South 865 East, Sandy, UT, 84094

October 21, 2021 – Minutes

East Sandy Elementary School Community Council

Monthly Meeting Agenda 

Thursday, September 21st, 2021, 4pm

Call to Order by –                       Time – 4:05pm

Note Taker – Ginny Watts

Time Keeper – 

Members Present – Bryan Rudes, Courtney Martin, Ginny Watts, Alison Stroud, Shawnee Bell, Mark Giecek, Ryan Barnes-virtual


  1. Introductions
  2. SCC elections information and positions
    1. Ryan Barnes- President
    2. Courtney Martin- Vice Chair
  1. Review the Digital Citizenship plan
    1. Part of Safety plan- digital citizenship for Landtrust money
    2. Digital citizenship video intro 5min
    3. SCC digital citizenship short
    4. SCC digital citizenship long
    5. Document can be found on the Canyons District webpage:
    6. Filtering, Management, Supervision, Student & Parent Education, School Report
    7. Questions for the SCC:
      1. Does the SCC feel it has enough information to determine if the filtering systems and supervision practices are appropriate?
      2. Does the SCC feel it has enough information about the school’s educational efforts to instill in students to be good digital citizens?
      3. Does the SCC believe the school has a viable plan to present Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship to parents in the community?
      4. The Principal will submit the plan to the District. 
    8. Digital Citizenship instruction: teachers, Mr. Hatch, STEM, Library, White Ribbon Week- PTA, parents, school website, parent teacher conferences table
  1. Review the Safety Plan:
    1. Evacuation Routes, Emergency Assembly Point, Incident Command Flowchart, Reverse Evacuation, Family Reunification Outline
    2. Monthly Emergency Drill practice schedule (see handout)
    3. School Safety Report- see CSD website
    4. What are things in the community or school that are primary safety concerns? Secondary concerns?
  1. Discuss the changing of the by-laws in order to reduce the number of teachers and parents-
    1. Must have 2 more parents than employees to vote
    2. Current: 6 parents 4 employees
    3. Try digital communication to increase participation
    4. Clarification from Susan Edwards
  1. Set Meeting Dates and Times for the Year 
    1. SCC meets 3rd Thursday each month 4pm
  1. Review the Land Trust Budgets (see handout)
    1. Reviews funds that were allocated last year
    2. Equipment & Technology 
    3. General Supplies
    4. Salaries and Employee Benefits
    5. TSSP-Teacher Student Success Plan
    6. School Climate Goal

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