8295 South 865 East, Sandy, UT, 84094

November 17, 2022 – Minutes

East Sandy Elementary School Community Council

Monthly Meeting Agenda

Thursday, November 17th, 2022, 4pm

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Call to Order by – Bryan Rudes

Note Taker – Courtney Martin

Time: 4 pm


Members Present – Mark, Bryan, Courtney, Dale, Chris, Ryan

  1. Introductions
  2. New Member Vote-  Chris Mendez, Motion-Mark  Seconded-Dale
  3. School Safety ENTRY-very tight.  Volunteers must be approved by the district (modified background check); parents must use ID card to sign students out.  DRILLS every month.  New Drill in December-a “hold” drill.  All students in classroom if there is a situation that needs to be handled (i.e. fight), might be localized.  Drills include: fire drills, hazardous waste, earthquake drills, shelter in place, lockdown, public health.  EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION: Parentsquare    BADGES: All adults–district, school, or volunteer– in the building must display a badge.  TRANSPORTATION-two buses.   CONCERNS: crosswalk on the other side of the catwalk in the back of the school.  Parents are dropping off and picking up kids.  It blocks the crosswalk.  Is this a hazard?  Possibly have our police officer watch.  In the pull through, turns only or can cars go straight?  Straight is okay.  Change signage as it currently says “turn only” but there is a straight arrow painted on the ground. SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL:  Andrea Carrizo goes into each class each month for lessons.  She also provides lesson material for teachers to use in morning meetings.  We also have a full time school Psychologist, Ben White.  Two MTSS (behavioral) aides to help out in classrooms and the cafeteria.  
  4. Digital Citizenship  Presented by Courtney Martin.  Bryan filled out our School Report.  All approved of what is being done for students, faculty and parents.
  5. Landtrust and TSSA Funding Allocation and Possible Amendments: proposing to have an additional MTSS assistant.  Some days we only have one aide and it would be better to have 2 deep, every day.  Substitutes for teachers: ½ day planning days to work with new ELA curriculum.  There will be 4 days.  The amendment will be ready at the next meeting.
  6. Motion to move money from cell tower to principal’s discretionary.  Over $7000 in the cell phone tower budget.  Motion to move $3000 dollars into the principal’s discretionary fund. Motion Approved.


Adjourned -4.45 pm  Motion: Dale  Seconded: Mark


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