8295 South 865 East, Sandy, UT, 84094

March 26, 2020 – Agenda

School Community Council Agneda

March 26, 2020

East Sandy Elementary School

In attendance:


☐ Angela Wilkinson                                 ☐ Jill Hawkins                                         ☐ Anne Hansen                                        ☐ Courtney Martin


☐ Travis Sanford                                        ☐ Ryan Barnes                                        ☐ Andrew Luker                                        ☐ Lindsey Jeppeson                                 ☐ Chris Pew                                             ☐ Dalton Myers

Meeting Start time: _____________ 


  1. We have checked out over 100 Chromebooks to students
  2. We are getting materials ready for students and starting online instruction Monday

SCC Business:

  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Approval of February Minutes

Principals Report:

  1. Current questions about the dismissal – clarifications?
  2. TSSP
    1. Proposed – Keep School Counselor
      1. Fund extra .50 of FTE
    2. MTSS Aid funding (teaches lessons in classes, monitors lunchroom, check-in/check-out, behavior response, collecting data in classrooms)
  1. Land Trust
    1. New program Saxon Phonics
    2. Three curriculum interventionists teach the program during tier II time
      1. Will move one over into 2nd grade classroom if needed
    3. New technology devices bought – want to continue funding additional purchases for technology next year
      1. May need to add new devices for those we potentially do not get back
    4. Substitutes for teachers to collaborate
  1. Proposed Land Trust goals for next year.
    1. Focus on ELA and growth
    2. Individual grade level goals review

PTA Input:

School Climate:

  1. Teachers have been working really hard to learn how to do online instruction and get it up and running for students
  2. We do a morning check in every morning and teachers/staff seemed to be in good spirits today

Upcoming School Community Council Meeting for 2019-2020

Next Meeting: April 16, 2020 at 4:00 pm

Meeting End time: _______

In April decide about elections for May and how we want to move forward.

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