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January 10, 2024 – Minutes


East Sandy Monthly Community Council Meeting

Zoom Link: https://canyonsdistrict-org.zoom.us/j/86233188071

Wednesday January 10th

Call to Order: 3:45pm

Note Taker: Ms. Zern


Members – Matt Koster, Maria Clayton, Alison Stroud, Makenzie Zern, Dale Stephens, Mark Giecek, Matt Derricott (virtual), Chris Mendez

Agenda Items


Call to order at 3:46


Approval of Previous Min: Approved


Previous Years Land Trust Final Report Due Jan 18th:

From last year’s plan for this year, we didn’t hit the goal but we did make progress. We are now doing all teams with the same goal and working on interventions being in the classroom and the teacher working with the highest need students.

Clarification of not having to meet the goals to get the funding but needing to have a maintainable goal.

4th & 5th grade goals will change, as we will no longer have RI next year.

Landtrust goal comes from SCC but we want to include the BLT.


PBIS Rewards Data:

Money was used to purchase the PBIS rewards, each student has a card with the QR code. They also have their lunch barcode on it.

Goal is that teachers give out 100 PBIS points per day. Kindergarten and 3rd is less due to having only 2 teachers in those grades.

The goal is that the teachers are rewarding students for following the school rules.

Clarification on the cost of the teacher class stores and looking at providing funds to teachers for buying those items.


Discipline Data:

Teachers are to document after they see a pattern, the office referrals are the ones we want to keep accurate and are usually a bigger problem. We were not seeing as many referrals until November because as a school we were not entering it. We had a faculty meeting and came to a common idea of what needs to be put into the dashboard.

Discussion about the spike at noon, we clarified that it’s the lunch time hour and that’s a lot of kids.

We put students on check-in check-out for the specific kids that are causing the problem. Those children also have very specific challenges and we can speak and understand why that child may be having an issue.

We will keep cleaning this up and working on it with the teachers.


Budget Update

Land Trust: $35,246.16: Most of this is coming from our full time social worker, the district pays half and the land trust pays for the other half.

Discussed about our ABS group and the effort that goes into housing those students and how they work.

-Substitutes $1,446.16

TSSP: $32,092.50

-Glory Update Additional Day to help with MLs ($4,000-5,000)


February Agenda

  • TSSP will be worked on by school and goals/direction shared with SCC for input
  • SCC will write and develop LAND Trust plan to address one or more academic goals from TSSP


Adjourn: Adjourned at 4:48


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