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Mustang Message 5/12/23

Dear East Sandy Mustangs,


Wow, can you believe that summer is right around the corner! Below is information from the school and PTA.


Last day of Kindergarten:

The last day for Kindergarten will be from 8:10 – 2:50 on May 22nd.


Last Day of School for 1st – 5th:

The last day of school will be from 8:15 – 12:10 on May 26th. We will not be serving breakfast or lunch.


Move-Up Day:

May 22nd will be Kindergartens Move-Up day. This is where our kindergarteners will meet the 1st grade teachers. May 25th will be the Move-Up day for 1st – 4th graders.


Lost and Found:

May 22nd we will be laying out all of the lost and found items in the hall for classes to walk by during the day. May 23rd we will move all of the lost and found items out to the foyer where parents can come and claim any missing items.


Library Books:

Please ensure that if you have any library books hanging around the house that they are returned to the school by Friday, May 19th.



We’re heading into the final few weeks of the year … and that means FIELD DAY!!

Kindergarten Field day will be held Friday, May 19th from 8:45-10:45am (Volunteer to help!) and 1st through 5th Grade Field Day will be held Friday, May 26th from 9-11am. More info to follow on Instagram or through Email!


For the first time this year, we are having a Parent Reception for 5th Grade Parents!

Join us on the last day of school (May 26th) at 12:00 noon to Clap-out our leaving 5th Graders & stay for a treat & some photo-ops! We’re so excited they are going to Middle School!


As always, thanks for your support. Email eastsandypta@gmail.com for any questions!


Important Dates:

  • May 19th – Kindergarten Awards from 12:00 – 1:00

  • May 22nd – Last Day of Kindergarten/ Move-Up Day for Kindergarten 8:10 – 2:50

  • May 25th – 1st – 4th Move-Up Day

  • May 26th – Last day of School for 1st – 5th Grade/ Field Day/ 5th Grade Clap Out


Have a great weekend!!



Principal Rudes

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