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East Sandy Happenings – 1/5/24

Dear East Sandy families-
Canyons School District surveys the community to gain feedback on key areas that help us create better partnerships. We do look at the feedback and try to find ways to improve. One of the areas surveyed is in the community feeling welcome at school. To ensure that this is the feeling, we are working with our PTA and SCC to build in more parental engagement including family/community events. I also want you to know that you are more than welcome to work with your child’s teacher and volunteer in the classroom.  Additionally, if you have any concerns or questions please feel free to come in to the front office or meet with me personally.  We want all care givers to know that they are welcome at East Sandy.
“Always keep the spirit of a mustang!”

Please read below for updates. 

Visit us at: https://eastsandy.canyonsdistrict.org
Cell Phones & Smart Watches at East Sandy (please call the office or parent square teachers to contact your child during the school day).
Please help us with focusing our attention on learning while students are in school.  East Sandy’s Cell Phone plan is to have students keep their phones locked away in their backpacks during the school day. We are also including any watches that have cellular capabilities.  If students have their phone/watch out during class or recess, teachers will remind them to put them away.  If teachers have to continuously remind students to put them away, they will hold the phone/watch until the end of the day at which point they will return it to the student.  If it continues to be an issue, we will schedule a meeting with administration to problem solve and find a solution.  

This is a State Wide focus that Governor Cox is reinforcing as well. When phones are kept in backpacks or lockers, learning improves, distractions are fewer, student engagement increases and opportunities for human connection are fostered. Students across our state have told me they are worried about the effects of overuse of social media and other distracting apps on their mental health and peer relationships. 

Digital Citizenship

Did you know? A whopping 59% of preteens and teens surveyed by Common Sense reported using their phones between midnight and 5 a.m. on school nights. Common Sense Media has practical tips to help kids establish a healthy balance between phones and sleep. https://cnyns.org/48k6C2P

Late Check In Reminder
We had an influx of students checking in 20-30 min after the tardy bell rings. This week approximately 30 students check in late each day.  This makes it difficult for our front office to get accurate lunch counts. Additionally it throws off the consistency of starting the school day in the classroom.  Please help us and try your best to have your child arrive at school before 8:15am.  I appreciate you help with this. 

Afternoon Pickup Reminder
Please use the pickup lane or the parking lot at the end of the day only. Do not park on 865 E. to pick up your child or have them cross the road to get to your car.  We want to make sure that all students are safe.

January Wellness Word is Safety (see flyer)

East Sandy’s wellness word of the month is SAFETY! Being safe at school helps us learn, play, and have fun.  There are a lot of ways to stay safe at school: following school rules, understanding safe and unsafe secrets, knowing hot to keep your body safe, practicing safety drills, and more!

PTA HAPPENINGS: Please support our school and join the PTA.

Keep in touch on instagram @eastsandypta or you can always reach out via email: eastsandypta@gmail.com

Thank you,
East Sandy PTA

Upcoming  Dates
Upcoming events:
Jan 10 – SCC Meeting
Jan 12 – Teacher Day  No Students. 
Jan 15 – MLK Day  No SCHOOL
Jan 22-26 – Red & White Ribbon Week
Jan 26 – Dounuts with Grownups 7:30-8:05am
Interested in Working at East Sandy?
Substitutes – click HERE to apply for substitute positions in Canyons!
There are opportunities to be an emergency sub @ $125 per day at East Sandy, regular substitute @ $150 per day, and licensed substitute
at $183 per day.  We would love to have you join our team!  Reach out to Ms. Quick our head secretary, if you need further information.
Sweepers: we are hiring sweepers. I would include the following information:
 Age – You must be at least 14 years old
Hours – 2 hours (time can vary per school)
Pay – $11.45/hr.
If they’re interested or would like more information, call Nicole Holland at 801-826-5185. 
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