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October Wellness Word of the Month – Teamwork


East Sandy’s Wellness Word of the Month 

for October is TEAMWORK! 

Teamwork means working together with 

others to achieve a common goal. 

Follow these 7 rules to have a successful team:

1. Agree on a goal

2. Do your part

3. Listen to others

4. Encourage Others

5. Share your thoughts

6. Problem solve

7. Show respect

Learning about Teamwork

Throughout this month, Miss Andrea, our School Social Worker, will be visiting every class at East Sandy to read “A Little Spot of Teamwork.” She will will also be visiting each class to teach a lesson about working as a team. Classroom teachers will be discussing and exploring teamwork during Morning Meetings throughout the month!


To celebrate Teamwork Month, we will be

dressing up in “team gear” on

Friday, October 28th!

Wear your favorite jersey, sports team swag

or athletic gear to school!

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