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Internet Safety is Important at East Sandy

Here are some resources to help teach Digital Citzenship:

Parent Connections Brochure


You may have gotten an email from Common Sense, but in case you missed these great resources:

Device Free(ish) Holiday

Video: 5 Easy Screen Time Tips for Young Kids

Movies That Inspire Gratitude

Everything You Need to Know About Parental Controls

Essential Apps Guide

Common Sense Latino

February 2017 Internet Safety Tip   As you discuss with your children what it means to be a positive Digital Citizen, it's important to include what it means for our students to be online and the importance of not oversharing online. We need to teach our students to Think, Before Posting!

Feb Tip

November 2015 Internet Safety Tip

Students use the Internet consistently, which makes it very easy to copy the work of others and present it as one's own work.  This is called plagiarism.  Students needs to understand plagiarism and its consequences.  Plagiarism is copying and pasting anything that is created by someone else without giving them credit.  This includes copying and pasting music, videos, images, and text.  People's creative work is protected under copyright law.  Digital Citizenship is about not plagiarizing, and about being a respectful and responsible user and creator on the Internet.


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October 2015 Internet Safety Tip

5tips - October