Air Quality/ Inside Days

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In recent years we have seen inversions, fires and other factors affect our outdoor air quality. There is concern about the effects of poor air quality on children’s health and their ability to breathe easily. Because of this, our school has adopted the following guidelines:


What will the school do?

  • We will check the Particulate Matter (PM2.5) levels. This information will guide our outdoor physical activities.
    • When the PM2.5 level falls between 35.5 and 55.4, we will let “sensitive” students stay indoors (based on parents Skyward information)
    • When the PM2.5 level falls above 55.5, outdoor recess will be cancelled for all children and alternative play/exercise opportunities will be offered indoors.


What should parents do?

  • Parents, with advice from your health care provider, need to contact the school secretary or nurse if your child is “sensitive” to poor air quality.
    • Sensitive children may include those with significant or poorly controlled asthma, cystic fibrosis, chronic lung disease, congenital heart disease, compromised immune systems, or other respiratory problems.
    • Please complete the health care portion on Skyward to help the school be aware of your child's needs.

For your information:


We are committed to providing a safe and healthy school environment for your child. Please contact the school if you have questions about this issue. 


Safe Walking Routes/Parking Lot

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Parking Lot & Pick Up/Drop Off Driveway Safety Procedures

When ‘dropping off’ or ‘picking up’ students, be sure to follow the guidelines & procedures below:

  1. PLEASE maintain a 10 miles per hour speed in the school vicinity.  Despite repeated instructions and reminders to the contrary, students may sometimes run into the path of vehicles.  Very slow vehicle speeds decrease the potential for accidents and injury.
  2. Please note that we have staff and several student safety patrol members out before and after school to help keep students safe.  We appreciate your help in following their directions and being respectful to them.
  3. If you are in the pick up/ drop off driveway, please PULL FORWARD.  We try to have as many cars moving in and out of the area as quickly as possible and that means that we will use the space wisely. Students have been asked to help remind you to PULL FORWARD.  They have agreed that they can walk the extra steps to their final destination.
  4. DO NOT use or enter the delivery entrance at the south end of the school.
  5. The driveway at the front (west side) of the school has two lanes.  The RIGHT lane is to DROP OFF and PICK UP students.  The LEFT lane is to exit the driveway.  Students MUST exit and enter vehicles from the RIGHT side, away from traffic.  Once the left lane is entered, vehicles should NOT attempt to enter the right lane.  (See included map)
  6. Do not park in the driveway, along the sidewalk at the north side of the parking lot, or in the fire lane along the building sidewalk.  If you must get out of your vehicle, use the parking lot area and the parking stalls provided.
  7. In the interest of SAFETY, students are NOT allowed into the parking lot area unless accompanied by an adult. If you park in the parking stalls, you MUST personally WALK your student to or from the school sidewalk.  This will help guard against your child getting in front of a moving vehicle while he/she is trying to get to or from your vehicle. 
  8. Where possible, please CAR POOL.  This will decrease the flow of traffic among students around the school.  Although our parking lot and driveway can accommodate many more vehicles than before, fewer vehicles around students is always more desirable.

 pdfParking Lot & Driveway Map Image

East Sandy Elementary 2016-2017

 Safe Walking Routes

The map on the attached sheet shows the suggested routes for students living within the East Sandy Elementary School Boundaries. As you discuss with your child how he/she will walk to school, please be sure to emphasize the following points:

  1. Students MUST USE SIDEWALKS in subdivisions as they proceed to school.  In subdivisions without sidewalks, student should walk on the LEFT SIDE of the street FACING traffic.
  2. Limited sidewalks exist along 700 East and also along 8600 South.  Additionally, there are two houses without sidewalks on 1000 East from 7900 South to 7950 South.  All students are advised to use caution if they must use these streets.
  3. Students who must cross 1000 East should cross 1000 East ONLY at Fallbrook Way (8255 South) where the ADULT CROSSING GUARD is stationed.  There are also signs and flashing lights to control traffic flow at this location.  Students who walk along 1000 East MUST use the sidewalk that runs along the east side of 1000 East.
  4. The ADULT CROSSING GUARD located at 8255 South (Fallbrook Way) and 1000 East is provided by Sandy City.  This ADULT CROSSING GUARD will be on duty each school day between 7:30 am and 8:30 am M-F, and between 2:15 pm and 3:15 pm M-TH/ 12:30- 1:30 pm Fridays.
  5. Students living between 8600 South and CYS ROAD will use SIDEWALKS to proceed to 8600 South.  They will continue to follow the SIDEWALKS to 920/910 East where crosswalks and an ADULT CROSSING GUARD will be located.  Students will be crossed at that point and proceed on SIDEWALKS to JOHNSONWAY DRIVE.  Following JOHNSONWAY DRIVE west to 850 East, students will use the WALKWAY to continue towards the school campus.
  6. Students living between CYS ROAD and 9000 South will use SIDEWALKS along Harvard Park Drive.  Upon reaching 8600 South student will remain on the south side of 8600 South and proceed westto 920/910 East. Students will then follow the detailed information in item #5.
  7. The ADULT CROSSING GUARD located at the front of the school on 865 East and 8280 South is provided by Sandy City.  This ADULT CROSSING GUARD will be on duty each school day between 7:30 am and 8:30 am M-F, and between 2:15 pm and 3:15 pm M-TH / 12:30 -1:30 pm Fridays.
  8. The school STUDENT SAFETY PATROL will be on duty each day between 7:55 am and 8:10 am and again between 2:50 -3:05 pm.  The STUDENT SAFETY PATROL duty stations are at the front of the school on 865 East and 8280 South at crosswalks, and at the school walkway entrance where Fallbrook Way connects with Stonefield Road/ Akers Way.  STUDENT SAFETY PATROL are also stationed at the school driveway entrances, exits and crossings: 865 East and Edgefield Drive; and at the bike racks.  The STUDENT SAFETY PATROL members DO NOT direct or stop traffic.  They are to help students check for safe crossings in the crosswalks.
  9. Children should walk to and from school with friends.  Walking together with others is always better than walking alone.  Once you have decided the safest path for your child to take when walking to school, mark the path on the map and walk it with your child so that both you and your child can become familiar with the route.  Instruct your child to cross only at pedestrian crossing signals and to observe marked crosswalks and stop signs.

pdfAlpine Meadows & Cobble Gate Map

pdfWalkway between Johnson Way and Vics_Road Image

Boundaries & Busing

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East Sandy Boundary

East Sandy Boundary 2014-2015


East Sandy is a neighborhood walking school.  We do not have any students eligible to ride a CSD School bus.